Lucy Dunce – Ceramicist of Beauty

Douglas has had the privilege of photographing the home of the highly regarded, Scottish ceramicist, Lucy Dunce Her gorgeous coastal home, near Dunbar, has her Ceramics Studio in the garden. Lucy holds classes in Ceramics at her studio. For information on forthcoming classes please send an email to: The garden itself is a […]

Memories of Justin and Colin

Doug actually started his career working with ‘Interiors Gods’, Justin and Colin, as their personal photographer, covering interiors stories every week for the Glasgow Herald and for glossy magazine. Exhausting but never a dull moment, the boyz took the whole process to an extreme – thinking nothing of painting someone’s wall in the middle of […]

French Leave

Doug quite often gets the chance of some very jolly trips abroad…anywhere beautiful really. He takes full advantage of this but says that he does ‘really miss me and the children when he goes’??!! One trip to Normandy, to shoot a gorgeous Manoir and adjoining Gites, belonging to friends of ours Dee Dee and Pete, […]

Helen Mulloy Reid

Meeting amazing people is routine for us, to be honest, but they don’t often come as amazing as Helen Mulloy Reid, a florist originally, but recently re-trained as a beautician. She lives in Bath now, but this was her home in North Berwick. living room…with beautiful sea views…. Helen’s skills as a florist are in […]

Our own house

Not really a ‘favourite’, but I suppose I should show you, bits of it at least! Our kitchen….designed by me…unfortunately forgot to include a few millimetres when ordering the worktop…about a 100 in fact…..that worktop is now a desk in Doug’s office – useful! Whole thing beautifully fitted in the end by our friend Gary […]

Doug’s parents

Doug’s family also deserve a mention I suppose!! Margaret and & John – his parents – are serial renovators…..they will never get sick of their house – they can just change it! John won a travel scholarship to Denmark as a young, architecture student, Margaret went with him and the pair of them have never […]

Family Favourites – my brother!

We have been doing this job for over 10 years now and I thought I would start this blog with some absolute favourites. One favourite has to be my brother’s house, courtesy of his wife of course! Elaine is brilliant – she single-handedly managed the conversion of an old stone cow byre in West Lothian, […]