Finding those houses…..

It is hard getting houses into a magazine….but lovely houses do find their way in eventually….which magazine though? The mainstream magazines are all real favourites: Ideal Home, House Beautiful, 25 Beautiful Homes. We can all relate, because the editors work really hard to ensure that there is something for everyone. They are very informative and […]

Helen Lyon

Have you ever dreamt of running away, hiding in the far north of the Highlands…..? That is exactly what Scott and Helen Lyon did…However, far from burying themselves away, never to be seen again, they got absolutely stuck in, building themselves a beautiful, beautiful house…overlooking the sea….involving themselves totally in the local community…They are both […]

The Original Chair Lady

This lovely Victorian terraced house in Perth is home to Kate Mackenzie the owner of The Original Chair Company. 2 Everywhere you look there is a beautifully upholstered chair….. Oh – there’s another one – And another….. And another! This time covered in a beautiful striped velvet. The living room has a stunning footstool…another leg […]

Pedlars – The Gladstone Experience

A hell of a lot better than the ‘M&M’s experience’ that my children dragged me off to last time I was in London….if you are after some Christmas shopping ideas you simply cannot do better than click on….or visit one of their gorgeous shops. Doug had the wonderful experience of actually photographing Charlie and […]


Scotland is an often forgotten corner of the international design world – ridiculous when we invented tartan!! But seriously, it has come a long way since the days of Rob Roy, on many levels: architecture, interior design, culture and fashion, with companies like Anta leading the way. Lachlan and Annie Stewart met at Glasgow Art […]

Whisky Galore

Interiors ‘Angel’ Vikki Bruce allowed us to turn her house upside down for a shoot. It was a cold wintery day and we had to pretend it was summer for the June issue! Keen to promote her faultless builders Craigs Eco Construction Ltd who painlessly renovated this farm building in Fife, belonging originally to […]

Throwing parties

Have heard that Pippa Middleton is writing a book about Party Planning….hmmm…I am sure Her Indoors could do a much better job! Please enjoy and use my personal guide, below: Every year, in our house, we have a big bonfire party…so I have years of experience… The best way to plan a party is to […]