Highland cottage

Obviously my next story has got to be a perfect, cosy Scottish home…..meet Catherine Henderson, Glasgow-based interior designer, her work has a wonderful aesthetic. She is able to transform living spaces using dramatic colours and fabrics that are really unexpected www.catherinehenderson.com This is her Highland retreat. So cosy and relaxing! I have just spoken to […]

Scandinavian v Scottish Style – a comparison

My blog is about Scottish interiors, style and design…..I have inadvertently spent the majority of my adult life writing about it and promoting it, even though I am not actually Scottish (!) I just happily live here….I am, of course, a huge fan of Scandinavian style and design as well…. I love Marianne Lambeth’s beautiful […]

Le Style Savoyard

Things have been a bit quiet at Her Indoors this last week, because we have been on a family skiing holiday. We went to the French Alps…very, very lovely….the French really do know how to get cosy…this was our favourite cafe for stopping off for Hot Chococlate I want my living room to be like […]


What better way to start the New Year than with a sneak peek at our friends Kirsten and Gary Van Bredas visionary home here in Gullane. A bespoke, futuristic, dream scheme in mouldable corian Kirsten and her husband Gary have got to be Gullanes leading exponents of modernism…Choosing, spookily, and in a very ‘full circle’ […]