The Home Office

As ‘home worker’, I always enjoy features and blogspots about this subject….this week, Holly Becker, the Goddess of Interiors Blogging, did a post on her own workspace and desk spaces that she found inspiring, do check out her beautiful blog Decor8, but please do make sure you come back to Her Indoors! Holly describes Lisa’s […]

Her Indoors Top Ten TV Dramas: The Results!

Well it took a bit more than a week obviously – I now realise…duh? But the results are out…one revealed every day on Facebook….with some really lovely comments, thank you to all who joined in…. Starting with: No. 10 Desperate Housewives I think we would all quite like to live on Wisteria Lane – Poker […]

Drama Queen

Interiors magazines are not really concerned with ‘celebrity’ as such, in fact they are much more interested in ordinary people, who have used their ingenuity and imagination to improve and individualise their homes and gardens. However, it is always fun to meet folk from the world of showbiz and entertainment! Allison Mackenzie is a successful […]

Location Location Location

Our lovely friends John and Marie Owen lead parallel lives to us: John is a fashion photographer and Marie runs Location Scotland an agency that provides locations for film and photographic shoots. They are scouting for beautiful interiors as avidly as Doug & I, but for fashion and advertising shoots, rather than interiors […]

Mark Brunjes

After that sneak preview of Doug’s heroic, but admittedly, still incomplete efforts, I think Her Indoors readers deserve a look at the home of a garden design professional…. Mark Brunjes lives in this beautiful apartment in Glasgow’s West end, with his family, from where he runs his interiors and landscape design business Beyond Four Walls […]

Her Outdoors! an occasional series

I do love gardening…I really do, unfortunately though, my favourite gardening activity is buying lovely gardening books and poring over them…with a coffee…. This does annoy Doug somewhat….he has no interest in gardening whatsoever….none. He doesn’t ‘love it’…but strangely, does actually do a lot more gardening than I do….I think he maybe has a lot […]