Blog of the week – Nina’s Apartment

I am a big fan of this Dutch lady, who for some mysterious reason has woken up to find herself in the far north of Scotland…deeply puzzled by this occurrance she has stared a blog to try and find out why….?? We would love to do a feature on her lovely home in Aberdeenshire, […]

A Normal Home

An old school friend of mine, PJ, who reads my blog every week and always has something to say about it (PJ always has something to say about everything – she’ll be cross with me for saying that!) commented: ‘Why don’t you show more normal homes?’ ‘What is a normal home?’ I asked her. ‘A […]

Caroline Key

Along with gardening, dontcha think ‘upcycling’ is just so ‘now’?? It’s what we are all doing…or would like to be doing if we had hours of spare time and could be bothered…. My upcycling efforts are a bit like my gardening…sort of going on more in my head, than actually, magically transforming lots of quirky […]

Her Outdoors (ii)

Oh dear…Doug took a ‘progress shot’ of the lovely vegetable garden that he has created for me… Had a most enjoyable trip to Dobbies to ‘buy seeds’…..lovely coffee with some friends…spent £16 on seeds…another tenner on coffees…hmmm, this gardening lark isn’t quite as thrifty as I had thought it was going to be?? Anyway, the […]

Dawn’s kitchen

Dawn Murray’s home in the Trossachs is a real bolthole – a hideaway from her hectic work life in town. Owner of the fantastic Richardson Murray Hair and beauty in the West End of Glasgow Doug photographed her beautiful, hand-painted kitchen recently… It is a large rambling farmhouse which she shares with her husband […]

Doug’s Easter Surprise

Eva, our daughter, and I decided we would make Doug an Easter Egg this year…. We have had a ‘make your own Easter Egg kit’ kicking about our kitchen for a couple of years now…. We melted chocolate, poured it into the mould…the instructions said something like: refrigerate for 5 mins then empty, leaving a […]

Easter Break

All this talk of Home Offices has made me realise that actually, we all need a break sometimes….My next few posts are going to be about Home….let’s forget about the ‘Office’ bit this weekend…. We are not going anywhere special or doing anything in particular, which I think is really nice…does it sound terribly boring […]

A Real Home Office!

Obviously my next post has to be a real home with a beautiful home office….quite hard to find actually…a home office is not necessarily a ‘must have’ for most people and looking through Doug’s archive, I realise most home offices are far from beautiful…that makes me feel a bit better! Anyway, have found one at […]