Ralph & Ricky Lauren

Have been fascinated by Ralph Lauren for a while now. I have worked on a few shoots for designers who have been heavily influenced by him and cannot help starting to feel a little bit smitten myself by the whole Hampton/New England thing…especially as one of my oldest friends lives in Conneticut, actually in a […]


A must-not-miss event in the Gullane year is the Gullane Beach Triathlon… When we first moved here we wandered down to the beach one sunny evening and could see lots of fuss going on…curious, we asked someone who looked vaguely official and he explained that they were preparing for a triathlon the next morning…We raced […]

Tell me why I don’t like Mondays…?

Excellent meeting recently with interior designer, Sally Homan, www.robertson-lindsay.com Doug and I were both really impressed by Sally’s passion for design and her knowledge of trends. Here are the images from the shoot, from one of her projects, that was ultimately commissioned, I am not sure what day it was on in the end….. So […]

Home Barn Shop

There are no published recipes for ‘happy homes’….is your dream home one where everything is new and immaculate…a minimalist empty shell even…something akin to the Konishi Gaffney and Adam Toleman homes below? Or a shabby chic nest, stuffed with bric a brac ‘found’ in markets in France, complete with faded, peeling flock wallpaper and threadbare […]

Konishi Gaffney

Certainly not a ‘normal home’, but, undoubtedly, a happy one! This beautiful modern house was built by Edinburgh based architect, Kieran Gaffney and his wife, designer, Makiko Konishi. Makiko is Japanese and the oriental influence is obvious, but sensitively relevant to it’s Scottish context. www.konishigaffney.com

Her Indoors – occasional ‘Interiors Agony Aunt’

Had the enquiry below from my cousin: Hi Alison, We are painting the outside of our house and I wonder if Her Indoors can give me some advice: Do you know where I would get contemporary satin finish chrome door furniture – ie knob, knocker and letter box? Any suggestions gratefully appreciated’. Crumbs, Gaby, am […]

A Toleman home

Falkirk based architect, Adam Toleman, http://www.arka-architects.co.uk/ always comes up with brilliant solutions…his clients homes are never ‘normal’…enjoy a look around his own family home… Adam’s homes always ‘flow’ beautifully…you instinctively know your way around somehow.