And the Hungarians

This is why I came to TENT really, for a taste of contemporary Hungary…there was a delegation from the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency. Stayed with my cousin Gaby: On our way to the Truman Brewery, in Spitalfields, we walked down Fournier st, home to Gilbert & George. I had always understood that Gilbert Proesch […]

Tent goodies

Where do I start? Mini Moderns…gods of recycling and mid-century style…check out their paint range – 90% saved from landfill – how cool is that? Paint is nasty stuff and they are saving the planet from it! Their paint; their wallpaper; their dhurries – want, want, want…their latest collection entitled The Buddha of Suburbia just […]

London Design Festival

Made it – just…! So looking forward to this, I had envisioned a wonderfully sophisticated, relaxing ‘jolly’…a little bit of work mixed in with catching up with family and old school friends in Design-drenched London. Train tickets were booked, but discussing my plans with Doug over breakfast, he pointed out that travelling into Edinburgh from […]

Go Organic – if you can

It really is that easy…if you can – do it! I have been totally educated by my Arbonne selling friends of the benefits of natural skincare, shampoo etc… I cannot put it as well as they can, but if you think about it, anything you put on your skin enters your bloodstream as quickly and […]

Where were you?

September 11th went by again this week. A horrible surreal day for everyone, the day is etched on my mind. We were shooting this beautiful Eco House, deep in the Scottish Borders. I was not quite so business card friendly in those days – I certainly was not blogging or anything, I don’t think I […]

Kirkudbright and Beautiful

Sorry…couldn’t resist that! Anyway, obviously, after our lovely shoot, dinner and night at the Craigadam Hotel, we did a bit of sightseeing. We were blown away by Kirkudbright…so beautiful…the Artists Town… The centre of the town is a ridiculously picturesque harbour…but what got me and I really was bitten here, was the incredibly intensive ‘Kerb-gardening’ […]

A weekend away

A christmas shoot in Dumfriesshire, the only day the owner could manage was a Saturday, as she worked full time…Gosh we had better book a night away! I had met Cassie Bouverie already, as she lives in North Berwick and was fascinated by her business Private House Stays, where she and her husband have selected […]