Protecting your home…

Once you have really got your home how you want it, having renovated or extended it, do not forget to make sure that it is insured, for a realistic amount. Obvious, I know, but it is very easy to slip out of date with these things…Have a quick look: is your premium good value? Is […]

Northern Light

Douglas and Carol Forrest run Acanthus Architects a successful practice in the far north of Scotland near Aberdeen. Successful, due their adventurous, yet also, extremely rigorous approach to their work, Douglas has photographed a few of their projects for various magazines. Here are some images of their very sensitive conversion of a derelict farmbuilding into […]


We have a newcomer to our village, Beauty therapist and Aromatherapist Rebecca O’Connor. She has developed a range of aromatherapy and skincare products, literally bursting with wonderful ingredients. I wanted to write about Beauty when I started Her Indoors, because I think it is part of our lives. I do not think it is the […]

A walk along the beach

I don’t know about you, but I find it so hard to drag myself away from my desk. There is a brilliant Facebook campaign going around suggesting that 23.5 hours a day spent lounging around are fine – but try and get moving for half an hour!! How did we get into this state?? Cars, […]


Beautiful shoot in the latest 25 Beautiful Homes of the family home of Carl and Emma Morenikeji, owners of wonderful salvaged furniture and homeware company, Scaramanga. What I love about their furniture is that it could work well in so many different styles of homes – vintage obviously always looks good in a period property, […]

A wee bit of inspiration

Homework for Blogging Your Way this week was to create a ‘Mood Board’…Really could not be bothered / couldn’t see the point….Why? What for? Then, of course, really enjoyed the whole process! Ha ha! Typical! Found this exercise really gets the creative juices flowing! Completely confirmed my recent realisation of how inspired I am by […]

Half Term

Lovely to have a break and bring it down a notch or two… Time is an issue that I really struggle with and I think a lot of us do. It is just so easy to think ‘ooh I’m so busy’ and feel terribly justified… Has anyone else noticed the rampant competition us women can […]

Fiona Denholm

Aware that I have done a few posts recently about my travels, village life and everyday life in general, I feel it is definitely time to return to what is really the essence of this blog, interiors, and for this post I would like to show everyone the house that I, honestly, enjoyed shooting with […]

Blogging Your Way Boot Camp

As I explained in my last post, I have signed up for a course in blogging…I was really looking forward to it – thinking it would be a nice, sort of autumnal thing to do, you know, as the nights were drawing in…a little bit of blogging…some tea and biscuits…maybe even some Apple Slice… Dearie […]

Gullane Apple Festival

A quick post – just to show off our wonderful village…long overdue, I suddenly realise with all my talk of London and Hungarian Concrete Designers… Every year we have an Apple Festival – a community project, set up by a Gold Star Lady – Adria and aided, literally, by an army of helpers. Children have […]

Hello Fresh

Returning from my trip to London Design Festival I really had to hit the ground running – strange how when you are away no-one else seems to do your work for you? So I was very grateful to the lovely people at Hello Fresh for sending me a large box of food on my return. […]