Fletcher’s Cottage Spa

Invited by my friend, Caroline, for an afternoon of total indulgence, to the new Spa at Archerfield, a local golf club, just along the coast from us. We nearly crucified ourselves carving out said afternoon, between various children’s winter coughs and colds, exam weeks, birthdays, xmas, not to mention husbands, work and housework (what’s that?), […]

ESPC feature

Facebook followers will know that I am featured in the magazine this week, EPSC the Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre. They very kindly describe me as an ‘Interiors Expert’ which was a wonderful boost I have to say. They ask why I blog and I explained that ‘it serves as a useful portfolio for Douglas, that […]

Seaside home

A unique design, involving tremendous attention to detail Acknowledging and incorporating the Scottish, east coast setting perfectly The hall has the feel of an upmarket cruise liner You would never have to go away if you lived here! A state of the art kitchen A cosy spot to watch TV when you are not mesmerised […]

25 Days On

As promised, have updated Sharon Randall’s very advanced guide to marriage, that I shared in an earlier post, pontificating the fact that I had been doing this blog for a year now and was, still, married! Have written some rather more achievable tips, I think, based on my own experience. I did try and post […]

Liebster final!

Right, now I need to ask 11 questions: Favourite TV programme? City or Country living? What is your star sign and are you typical? Where are you going with your blog? Describe your dream home? What is your dream job? Favourite car? Most useful self help book you have ever read? (Of course you may […]

Liebster continued

Next, you have to answer the 11 questions the folk who nominated you asked: Here are the answers to Jasmin Ma’s questions from The Cosy White Cottage What is your favorite novel? Horrific,I know, but I think it might be ‘We need to Talk About Kevin’…it just stayed with me… Summer or winter? Which time […]

Liebster Blog Award

Thrilled to have been nominated by three fellow bloggers for the Liebster Blog award! Jasmin from The Cosy White Cottage, Heather from My Ocean Bliss and Trinske from Nordic Rose all nominated me, thank you! As a nominee, you are asked to post 11 random facts about yourself, so, here goes: 11 things you might […]

Wendy Inkster

Christmas is NOT coming – it is only November, but of course we are having to start thinking about our plans. I sincerely hope things fall into place for everyone, but there might be someone far away who you are thinking of, very fondly, who you cannot be together with? Do they have any connection […]

Some Things Never Change…

It was my Mum’s birthday yesterday and I came across these wonderful pics of her having a girls night…they will have been taken by my Dad… This must have been about 1972 – you can kind of tell by the fashions – priceless! I remember all the characters vividly – L to R: Molly Chalk, […]

Tyrella Nash

Autumn is definitely upon us and to get you in the right mood I thought I would show you a beautiful Perthshire home, such a pretty place at this time of year. The owner, Tyrella does a very successful supper club in her home – everyone raves about them You can just imagine the delicious […]

A Year On

Cannot believe I have been doing this blog for a year…! Starting it, a series of stories, good and bad, basically about working with my husband, I worried deeply that it would inevitably lead to a complete crumble of our marriage…that Doug would just find the whole thing too cheesy and I would have to […]