Goodd Design

This is an inspired renovation of a traditional tenement in Glasgow’s West End. The owners converted one of the brighter front rooms into the kitchen, a bold statement as usually the kitchen is at the back of these Victorian buildings, but in this instance, it was obviously the right thing to do: to live in […]

Sian Parry Jones

In my personal Christmas disaster list earlier, I forgot to mention the various ailments that everyone seems to succumb to at that time of year. I think I might have blanked them from my mind…Anyway with the result that January always raises the intention of a good old detox. Don’t be too harsh on yourself […]

Happy, Happy, Happy 2013

Xmas disasters in our house included our TV blowing 5 minutes before the start of the final episode of Homeland….YES 5 Minutes…and NO it is NOT just as good the next day on 4OD…especially if you live in a small village and your broadband speed is about as reliable as the local bus. A few […]

Dear Santa,

I have been very, very good this year and I would really like a doll’s house. I write about Interiors and when I was a child my dolls house was my absolute favourite toy…Hmmm…I wonder if there is a connection?? My daughter has a dolls house and I have loved watching her build it up […]