Grand Design

Gorgeous feature in this months Grand Designs Magazine…had, had, had to share! It’s the renovation we all want to do – buy an ordinary house, in a pretty spot and transform it into something spectacular. You need vision to do something like this – imagination and a can-do attitude are essential. A budget that is […]

Award Win!!

Thank you so much to and all my wonderful followers and voters… I WON my category…follow the link and you will find that it says: Home Design Twitter Award Our clear winner in the Home Design Twitter Award category is Alison Gibb of The voting public were clearly impressed with her enthusiastic style, […]

The Wee House Co

What a brilliant idea – a turnkey service to bring you a Wee House – in your garden for relatives maybe? Or on a Lochside plot of land in the Highlands as a holiday home? A dream for many of us, but in this case, utterly reasonably priced and completely seamless. The brainchild of young […]

Award nomination

Absolutely delighted to be nominated for a lovely award – a major! Up against some very big names in the blogging world – so I am very nervous. Feel very cheeky asking you to vote for me, but, please, please do! Votes need to be in by April 18th. As it is sponsored by a […]

Sounds cuckoo!

The sounds in a home are really important…not something that is ever captured in a photograph for a magazine obviously, but often it is the sounds of a house that make you feel that you are really home. I was brought up in a flat in Central London that had warm air central heating – […]

The Purple Thread Shed

A lovely bonus from writing my blog is the wonderful people I have met through it, they just ‘pop up’ in Facebook and Twitter and my inbox…one such person is the amazing Ali Ferguson of The Purple Thread Shed. I knew she would make a brilliant story before I even met her – her work […]