We have a newcomer to our village, Beauty therapist and Aromatherapist Rebecca O’Connor. She has developed a range of aromatherapy and skincare products, literally bursting with wonderful ingredients.

I wanted to write about Beauty when I started Her Indoors, because I think it is part of our lives. I do not think it is the be all and end all, but I do think that feeling good about the way you look is a part of feeling good…

As a result I have become quite interested in skincare and, I realise, now, that the many products available vary much more in quality than their respective price variations would suggest ie for roughly the same price you can buy a product full of quite harmful chemicals or a product full of goodness. It is all about ingredients.

The word ‘Beatitude’ means a state of supreme happiness. I can vouch for this, because Becky very kindly gave me some sample bath oils. I popped them beside the bath, planning a quiet Saturday night with a lovely hot bath.

Eva, my daughter came in from hockey on Saturday morning, muddy and a bit less than fragrant, had a bath and all day the house was filled with the most wonderful fragrance – gosh, it was marvellous! That night I went to say good night, thinking, ‘right, time for my lovely Beatitude bath….and there were three empty little bottles lying around…Eva had chucked in the lot! No wonder the house smelt so nice! I was furious…she did apologise and very sheepishly admitted that her skin felt wonderful! Hmmm, so it should.

Becky has explained that ‘their unique formulation means that each bath oil produces gentle natural bubbles that disperse in water, ensuring smooth and silky skin and avoiding any greasy feel.’

Beatitude is set to go stellar, with the launch of Becky’s personally created facial oil, marking the brand’s expansion to skincare.

I think she took pity on me when I admitted what happened to the bath oils and gave me some to try. It is very pleasant to apply, but what is really special about it is how soft your skin feels hours later. If you apply it at night, you notice in the morning, if you use it in the morning, your skin is still soft later in the day. Amazing…because most creams make your skin feel nice there and then, but not many hours later…

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3 thoughts on “Beatitude

  1. Ha, I too have a daughter and can realate to how your beautiful bath oils were ‘tested’. This post makes me feel like having a very indulgent soak. Really love your blog Alison, it is so full of personality!

  2. This post makes me want to soak in the tub. I love to take hot baths when the weather turns cold. I think there is so much more information out there now in terms of ingredients and we are finding out that some things can be harmful in the long run. Thanks for sharing this product. I had to laugh when I read about your daughter because my daughter would do the same thing. She is at the age where she likes to use some of my beauty products generously.

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