The Chesterfield

Classic, reassuring, the sofa we all want… My earliest awareness of the Chesterfield was in a 1970’s sitcom called Father Dear Father… It was about a family of a single father of two teenage girls residing in Hampstead, the main character spent a lot of time on a battered leather Chesterfield with a sheepskin rug […]

Nikky D’Aguilar

We have a beautiful feature in this months 25 Beautiful Homes (July 2014) about artist and textile designer, Nikky D’Aguilar Nikky launched her fledgeling business a year ago and has been showing at all the big design shows, Country Living, Spirit of Summer. You cannot help but fall in love with her unique loch-side home […]

The Ideal Home Show

Goodness what an incredibly fruitful day I had at the Ideal Home Show. Invited to a ‘Bloggers Meet Up’ in the Press Office first thing… ‘Pardon?’ I hear you ask…This turned out to be a delicious breakfast buffet, where we were able to sample lots of the gourmet food goodies being exhibited at the show. […]

The Devil is in the Detail

Updating and renovating a home is a subject close to my heart… Doug and I are not ‘serial renovators’, we are far too boring and domesticated for that, but we are real home lovers. We buy homes that we genuinely want to live in and we, very slowly, do them up and make them, as […]


Back to DIY and Ronseal, we really have just about finished our house and we really are working on the garden now, which I find an absolute joy…it is so much less stressful and so much more fun than doing up a house – you don’t have to live in it for a start. Our […]

Gabrielle Blackman home

Thrilled to have a guest blogger today – I honestly think this is a first for me! A very warm welcome to Annie Kruse… Hi this is Annie from Stylejuicer and I’m delighted to write a guest post for the lovely Alison on her fabulous blog. This is the home of Gabrielle Blackman, UK TV […]

Deidre Iris Young – DIY

DIY can be a source of tension in couples…unless you have a partner to whom you just mention a wee job to, and before you can turn round and say ‘where’s the electric screwdriver’, it’s done, or a lot of money and you can just employ people who are like that, there is usually quite […]

Hall – before and after

The hall has got to be one of the most frustrating parts of the house – it is the first thing everyone sees, so really important, but, if you have any sense, it has to be the last place you decorate – decorate the hall first and it is instantly trashed when you start on […]

Grand Design

Gorgeous feature in this months Grand Designs Magazine…had, had, had to share! It’s the renovation we all want to do – buy an ordinary house, in a pretty spot and transform it into something spectacular. You need vision to do something like this – imagination and a can-do attitude are essential. A budget that is […]

Award Win!!

Thank you so much to and all my wonderful followers and voters… I WON my category…follow the link and you will find that it says: Home Design Twitter Award Our clear winner in the Home Design Twitter Award category is Alison Gibb of The voting public were clearly impressed with her enthusiastic style, […]

The Wee House Co

What a brilliant idea – a turnkey service to bring you a Wee House – in your garden for relatives maybe? Or on a Lochside plot of land in the Highlands as a holiday home? A dream for many of us, but in this case, utterly reasonably priced and completely seamless. The brainchild of young […]

Award nomination

Absolutely delighted to be nominated for a lovely award – a major! Up against some very big names in the blogging world – so I am very nervous. Feel very cheeky asking you to vote for me, but, please, please do! Votes need to be in by April 18th. As it is sponsored by a […]

Sounds cuckoo!

The sounds in a home are really important…not something that is ever captured in a photograph for a magazine obviously, but often it is the sounds of a house that make you feel that you are really home. I was brought up in a flat in Central London that had warm air central heating – […]