Old Bag / New Bag

It has to be one of the most exciting experiences – I was going to say ‘if u r a girl of my age’, but actually, I have ALWAYS loved a new bag!! It is almost like becoming a new person – and in this case, a much more organised, sophisticated person….Oh dear – I […]

A bit busy

Prompted by Laura Ashley, very kindly sending me this beautiful throw…here I am grabbing a little bit of ‘me time’…they have sent a throw to 15 bloggers and they are looking for 15 different uses for their lovely throws…I am using mine to wrap myself up to enjoy a hot chocolate…the Christmas tree is done… […]

Eva’s room

We have just done a makeover of a bedroom in our house for our daughter – part of a major shift around resulting from building our garden building…more about that in future posts – it is very nearly ready! Lovely offer from Argos, when they realised that we were doing this, of some furniture. It […]

Happy Valentines

Was utterly charmed to meet at a Business Women’s Networking lunch, a lovely, lovely lady, Karen Barr of Beswitchedon A life style coach who specialises in helping single ladies find a relationship and who guarantees single clients that they will achieve better connections with friends, family, and men within 8 sessions of coaching by her. […]

Happy, Happy, Happy 2013

Xmas disasters in our house included our TV blowing 5 minutes before the start of the final episode of Homeland….YES 5 Minutes…and NO it is NOT just as good the next day on 4OD…especially if you live in a small village and your broadband speed is about as reliable as the local bus. A few […]

25 Days On

As promised, have updated Sharon Randall’s very advanced guide to marriage, that I shared in an earlier post, pontificating the fact that I had been doing this blog for a year now and was, still, married! Have written some rather more achievable tips, I think, based on my own experience. I did try and post […]

Some Things Never Change…

It was my Mum’s birthday yesterday and I came across these wonderful pics of her having a girls night…they will have been taken by my Dad… This must have been about 1972 – you can kind of tell by the fashions – priceless! I remember all the characters vividly – L to R: Molly Chalk, […]

A Year On

Cannot believe I have been doing this blog for a year…! Starting it, a series of stories, good and bad, basically about working with my husband, I worried deeply that it would inevitably lead to a complete crumble of our marriage…that Doug would just find the whole thing too cheesy and I would have to […]

Protecting your home…

Once you have really got your home how you want it, having renovated or extended it, do not forget to make sure that it is insured, for a realistic amount. Obvious, I know, but it is very easy to slip out of date with these things…Have a quick look: is your premium good value? Is […]

A walk along the beach

I don’t know about you, but I find it so hard to drag myself away from my desk. There is a brilliant Facebook campaign going around suggesting that 23.5 hours a day spent lounging around are fine – but try and get moving for half an hour!! How did we get into this state?? Cars, […]

A wee bit of inspiration

Homework for Blogging Your Way this week was to create a ‘Mood Board’…Really could not be bothered / couldn’t see the point….Why? What for? Then, of course, really enjoyed the whole process! Ha ha! Typical! Found this exercise really gets the creative juices flowing! Completely confirmed my recent realisation of how inspired I am by […]

Half Term

Lovely to have a break and bring it down a notch or two… Time is an issue that I really struggle with and I think a lot of us do. It is just so easy to think ‘ooh I’m so busy’ and feel terribly justified… Has anyone else noticed the rampant competition us women can […]

Hello Fresh

Returning from my trip to London Design Festival I really had to hit the ground running – strange how when you are away no-one else seems to do your work for you? So I was very grateful to the lovely people at Hello Fresh for sending me a large box of food on my return. […]