A chill in the air…

To continue with my self build/ renovation theme. A huge plus that comes with building or extending your home is that a new build is going to be properly insulated. We have built a garden building as an office: we have not extended the central heating. A slimline electric radiator that can come on at the flick of a switch is all you need. We initially considered underfloor heating, but we are so glad we did not go ahead.

oak flooring

It would not have been necessary, particularly with the warm oak flooring we chose and I think it would have been hard to control in such a large space. We can pop an electric radiator on for half an hour and the room is warm for the rest of the day.

conservatory with radiators

A radiator that you can quickly turn on and off is more than adequate in a new build, even in rooms with high ceilings, but certainly in a conservatory, a space that can become suddenly very hot or quite cold. There are plenty of styles to choose from: traditional or contemporary.


A wood burning stove makes a wonderful focal point of course, there is nothing better on a winter’s evening, but during the day when people are working and coming and going a slimline radiator is convenient and unobtrusive. They are just so easy to switch on and off as and when they are needed.

towel rail radiator

Electric towel rails are another handy addition, very luxurious, but so easy to install and can make a real difference in a small room. They are compatible with any central heating system of course.

Complete with precision thermostats, there are options for every budget, they can be wifi controlled, or set by a timer, it has never been easier to heat a space in advance. Modern technology knows no bounds. When I was a child an electric radiator was perceived as an expensive option for heating, but used in a modern setting that is no longer true. Ease of installation and the convenience of using them on a timer, makes them an option that is hard to beat.


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