Still in shock after last weeks err ‘election’… I think a bit of retail therapy is called for, so I thought I would show you the work of a couple of artists I have come across recently, that I am very, very struck by.

This Is Not The Life I Ordered

Above is ‘This Is Not The Life I ordered’ by Edinburgh based artist Alice Boyle.

I suspect that particular painting is flying of the shelf at the moment…

Naked In The Rain

Love this as well, ‘Naked In The Rain’.

I was at the LS Productions 10th Birthday Party the other day – absolutely brilliant and met a lovely guy, Hamish, we were making small talk, he was a Fine Art framer. He said that he used to be a photographer, but did not really like it. He reckoned it was a bit like ‘dancing naked’. I thought that was a really interesting thing to say. I think it is a bit like that, being a photographer – everything hangs on you – somehow everyone else is dancing around in their clothes – all absolutely fine, but you have nothing on.

I have also came across this very accomplished landscape painter, Amanda Phillips


The above is called ‘Urban Landscape Detour’.


And this is ‘Coaldust Beach’. The paintings are all large scale, the Amanda Phillips paintings I have illustrated are approximately 1 x 1.5 metres in dimension. I find all these works haunting and meaning laden. Neither of these artists are wildly famous yet, so I know they are affordably priced, but I also know that both would be good investments.

Far, far more importantly though, I also absolutely believe that without Art, a home is simply not a home.


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  1. Just found your blog and am commenting on your post ages later. I do love these seascapes and isn’t Alice Boyle fab? I saw her show at the Fringe last year and loved her work.

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