Colour and the importance of…

Following on from my recent post about meeting Sophie Robinson, the Queen of Colour, I wanted to write more about this ridiculously important subject. Sophie believes that painting a room white is actually an ‘interior design crime’.

I am not sure I can go along with this, much as I would be well qualified to, as the owner of an aubergine kitchen (above), a dark grey bedroom, a bronze TV room (below) and a plum dressing room.

Seriously though, it cannot be denied that all white homes are stunning. There is something completely magical about walking into a house where all the walls and floors are painted a perfect dazzling white. Especially when the owners do not have children, dogs, cats or, errr, visitors. What transforms these magical monochrome palaces into real, loveable homes is, of course, pops of colour.

Colour influences everything we do, including the way we act and the mood we’re in. I wrote my dissertation on colour therapy when I was studying painting at Glasgow School of Art. Choosing colour for your home an important task – not only do you want to make sure you create the right look; you’ll also want to create the right feel.

For example, did you know that using shades of purple in the living room helps to elicit feelings of relaxation and comfort? Blue is very calming as well. How adorable is this lilac living room? Apparently featuring red in the kitchen can makes us feel hungrier? Or hangrier even!

Luckily this kitchen belongs to a professional cake maker, so you will not be cross for long!

Obviously one of the easiest ways to add a pop of colour to a room is with a blind, Thomas Sanderson, makers of gorgeous bespoke blinds have written a really useful blog post on this subject. Do have a look, I would be very interested in your thoughts?


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  1. The role colour plays in our emotional state is a really interesting aspect of interior design that more people should be attuned to! Yellows and oranges are also known to appeal to hunger, so there are always options!

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