Deidre Iris Young – DIY

DIY can be a source of tension in couples…unless you have a partner to whom you just mention a wee job to, and before you can turn round and say ‘where’s the electric screwdriver’, it’s done, or a lot of money and you can just employ people who are like that, there is usually quite a lot of discussion/arguing and huffing and puffing on the subject.


I have a very difficult combination embodied in my husband: he is very good at DIY but has a love/hate relationship with it – complicated I know – if any psycho-therapists out there would like me to do a sponsored post in return for a mention and write up the results in exchange for a few sessions, I would be very grateful. I don’t know whether this problem stems from his childhood or whether it is a result of traumatic experiences as an adult (ie having to work and bring up a couple of children) that have caused this, but it would be interesting to find out.

His relationship with DIY was so all consuming at one point, that his Auntie Margery used to call it his ‘other woman – Deidre Iris Young’ – yes, very funny…it wore off in the end… work got ever more demanding I think, and possibly when our children were very small and I actually could have done with a bit of help, he felt more compelled by it, than now that our children are older and more independent….hmmm…comments and observations very welcome.

Ronseal have actually done some research into this matter, very kindly…


The results are confusing aren’t they? Which I think shows what a compete minefield this subject is!!

Our house is pretty much done now, so these arguments are distant memories now, but there is always the garden…


Now, where’s the Ronseal??


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