Going down…

Flooring is the basis of all interior design… you just have to get it right. Once it is down and you have furnished the place it is quite hard to change it, so you need to give it careful thought.

Solid wood flooring

If there is one surface you will not regret laying, it is solid wood. Available from Luxury Flooring and Finishings at surprisingly good value prices.

Aged Chocolate White Washed Structured Coffee

They have some beautiful finishes: ‘Aged Chocolate’; ‘White Washed’; ‘Structured Coffee’ to name but a few… Mouth watering eh? And all incredibly reasonably priced at around £25 per square metre.



Rugs can be added for a cosy feel and changed according to your mood, season, or should you want an update.

Cowhide rug on coffee table

You will gather from the images I have selected that I like wood with a soft, distressed, finish. I just don’t want my home to look too smart I am afraid. But do think carefully and be honest with yourself. My advice is always: ‘decide on a style and stick to it’. If you want your home to be slick and urban, go for it. Rustic chic anyone? Make sure that your house is the most rustic chic house for miles around!!

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