Happy New Year

It has been a great festive season – a little bit chopped up by a shoot the day after Boxing Day and another, again in Perthshire, tomorrow… We never quite switched off – somehow the jollities mixed with work and a New Years Eve party that we hosted kept us feeling quite ‘on it’ if I am honest. The New Year prompted a strong desire in me to have a total ‘Marie Kondo’ style clear out, which is always lurking beneath the surface anyway. A little bit of spare time and the realisation that a shelving unit that divides our living area from our dining area ‘has to go’ has motivated me to get started.

In our old house, said shelving unit stored our music collection, our books and our children’s toys in baskets. I love it, of course, because Doug made it and it served us so well.

When we moved here, it found a new purpose as a room divider and I now have mixed feelings about it. We have tried to beautify it, by storing less on it and using it to display pots and things… I am afraid it has suffered rather with this mixed purpose and I fear we never quite mastered the ‘beautiful collection of pots’ thing. Our mish mash of treasured wedding presents and odd, earthenware pots from B&Q, above bulging boxes of photographs, cards and gift wrap never quite came off I feel.

Our dining area has always been a bit cramped because of it and our living area always slightly deprived of light, but to remove it is quite a big job – where will we put everything? Basically I have had to clear the whole house to find a new home for our photo albums, cards, gift wrap and ornaments… Nearly there though and the moment it is done, I will do a big reveal. I do hope it is actually better and the room does not just seem really bare after all my efforts. Oh dear…

Certainly, once the Marie Kondo thing is done I will be focussing on my absolute favourite interiors trend – the beloved HYGGE – I cannot get enough of this Danish dancer: candles, throws, coffee, reading beside a wood burning stove and social gatherings of, ideally, 3-4 – total and utter bliss.

There is a gorgeous selection of throws, linens and candles available at Laura Thomas Linens at great sale prices – don’t miss out!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. My suggestion is move all the books and solid stuff to the lower shelves freeing the upper shelves up for objects that look good from both sides and put some trailing plants to break up the rigid form,and maybe put your photos back to back or at least all together on one shelf.Anything you don’t look at regularly and feel pleasure from put under the stairs,absence often makes the heart feel fonder.

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