Self Build

A dream for many of us. I know I just can’t help it: a house laid out exactly as I want it; no need to renovate (= AMAZING); if you play your cards right zero heating bills – a few logs for the wood burning stove will be all you need…


But anyone undertaking this exercise needs to be a detail freak – no more weekends – unless choosing door handles is a leisure activity in your book. MDF skirting boards? Yes please, but they have to be right – you will need plenty!

MDF skirting

Lighting of course needs to be planned well in advance, another basic essential. I have said a hundred times: light the edges of a room and MAKE SURE it is dimm-able.

Kitchen lighting

And a very important consideration is landscaping – many of us dream of an inside outside home – that look has to be planned, it won’t happen overnight.

Garden with pergola

For me outside is where the fun starts – your imagination is the only limitation…

Glazed patio


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