Sounds cuckoo!

The sounds in a home are really important…not something that is ever captured in a photograph for a magazine obviously, but often it is the sounds of a house that make you feel that you are really home.
I was brought up in a flat in Central London that had warm air central heating – all the rage in the 1970’s!

I now live in a 1970’s house beside the seaside, and it, also, has warm air central heating – a sound that to many people is probably quite intrusive – it does whir a bit when it is getting going – but to me, there is no other sound that makes me feel more at home…


It must be the same for people brought up in a house with a cuckoo clock – that hourly birdie call, combined with the sound of the mechanism that propels the little bird forward, once you get used to that, you won’t feel at home without it.

The cuckoo clock has come a long way…

8 Cuckoo-Clock-1-day-movement-Modern-Art-Style-18cm-by-Rombach-Haas__32-KS-Swiss_01 6 Cuckoo-Clock-1-day-movement-Modern-Art-Style-24cm-by-Rombach-Haas__32-KB-125_01

5 Cuckoo-Clock-1-day-movement-Modern-Art-Style-20cm-by-Rombach-Haas__32-OD-13H2B_01 7 Cuckoo-Clock-8-day-movement-Modern-Art-Style-28cm-by-Rombach-Haas__1012_SN342_01

I love these modern updates of an old favourite….all available from the Cuckoo Palace a proud member of the Black Forest Clock Association.

Update your home as soon as you can with one of these timeless heirlooms…


2 thoughts on “Sounds cuckoo!

  1. I’ve just moved back from Switzerland where cuckoo clocks seem to be a rather common feature in homes over there. Although, I do believe that they originated in Germany. I’m not sure that my quiet-loving ears would welcome one though.

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