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Isn’t this gorgeous? A one bedroom apartment in Sweden, £172,000…think it might be sold now…

swedish room

What is so gorgeous about it though? Is it the fascinating, gauzy pendent lamp? The period windows and radiator? I thought I would take a second to try and analyse it…


Is it just ‘being Swedish’ that makes it so lovely?

I don’t think so, you just need to watch Wallander for 20 minutes to realise that there are horrible homes in Sweden – where the gruesome murderers live with their slightly odd partners… (well they’re not going to have lovely chairs and sheepskin rugs are they?)

I have to admit it is achingly beautifully photographed and styled…


basin and tumbler 2

I cannot quite imagine our local estate agent, lovely though he is (hello David!) placing twigs and blossom in a tumbler of water and popping it, oh so prettily on a wash hand basin… Who, exactly, is doing that?

outdoor seating

And look at the shared terrace – how organised is that? Some neighbourhood watch scheme they’ve got!


The whole area looks heavenly – stuffed with speciality food shops and trams that don’t look like they are just about to have a terrible accident with a cyclist because no-one had really thought it through (Grrrr, sorry, don’t mean to get controversial about Edinburgh trams!)


I think it is the owners complete and utter commitment to making everything lovely. The thoughtful artworks…


The pretty kitchen tiling…


Lessons to be learnt by us all from this apartment: town planners – outside spaces please; shoppers – spend time as well as money and last, but definitely not least – buy art, frame it and hang it on the wall!


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