Xmas and estate agents

Thought I would give a shout out to our dear friends at the ESPC I know how hard they work – all year, bringing properties to market and showing them off to their best. Doug did a beautiful shoot for Premier Living magazine. It was a collaboration between the ESPC and the White Company

Celebrating the beauty of home at Christmas and the beauty of White Company bedding; I have to say, Douglas must have photographed more than 2,000 houses by now… (just to give you a hint of our age and stage.) The amount of times I have asked where people’s bedding is from and they have replied ‘The White Company’ is quite interesting…

Doug was preparing to do a final shot and wanted to light the fire, he asked if he could: the house was for sale, the estate agent was there to supervise and he said ‘yes’ Doug lit it and it was quite obvious that there was no chimney – the room just immediately filled with smoke.

The estate agent, obviously realising that he was totally responsible, firstly by saying that Doug could light the fire, and secondly for the house and all its contents, just lifted up the whole flaming grate with his bare hands and ran outside.

Quite a good indication of his dedication!


2 thoughts on “Xmas and estate agents

  1. LOVE that bedroom! Have asked Santa/Mummy dearest for White Company bed linen for xmas, here’s hoping! Great story about the fire! Wonder what the soundtrack would’ve been… ‘Firestarter’ by the Prodigy maybe…?! PB x

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