Chelsea Flower Show

Thrilled to be invited to Chelsea Flower Show on Monday – Press Day, before it opened to the public – before the queen even!


Amazing – there was hardly anyone there – I could actually see the plants – it was incredible. I realised a couple of days beforehand that I was going on my own… a bit nerve wracking – why had I not organised a chum? Anyway, I was going for work not for fun (believe that, you’ll believe anything) and off I trotted.


It was a bit of an umbrella day unfortunately – it rained almost the whole time I was there. However, as I live in Scotland, rain is ‘nothing’ to me and wearing, not much more than a pashmina, I pressed on. I came close to buying an RHS poncho, but resisted…feeling I was happier in my pashmina.

Homebase girls

The first people to speak to me were these wonderful girls from the Homebase garden – gosh they were friendly and their garden was fantastic. A gold medal winner we now know!

Homebase garden me

Doug and I have always wondered how to make our garden a bit less ‘B&Q’ – well obviously we just need to go to Homebase! Designed by the brilliant Adam Frost.

Stomp still

Stomp came on to perform on the Homebase garden – I cleverly managed to video them without any sound – that sort of thing happens when you own a very up to date iphone and you are nearly 50. Do click on the Highlighted word to see it… I don’t dislike the result – I actually think it is quite interesting – you can sort of think your own music…

I next got chatting to the editor of The Landscaper Magazine, David, he very kindly took a photograph of me in my Pashmina, which kind of proves I was really there and it was not just a weird and wonderful dream where I was chatting to Kelly Hoppen and Katie Piper

Kelly & Katie

…saying hello to Zara Phillips…


…I missed Prince Harry unfortunately but that meant that I did go home the next day to Doug and our children… rather than getting terribly caught up with Harry!

Anyway, here are some plants and gardens

The Retreat

The Retreat Garden, by Jo Thompson, for M&G, probably my favourite planting scheme… I think my friend Tracy McQue may have had a hand in that!


The plants were on fire… smokin’

Cloudy Bay garden

I was on Instagram all day – do click on the link and find out more…

With thanks to our brilliant hosts of course –


the magnificent Chelsea Pensioners…

And last but certainly not least, to my dear friend Sue, who put me up in her home, nearby – can’t wait til next year now!

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2 thoughts on “Chelsea Flower Show

  1. Fab photos! glad you had a great day, the stomp vid conjures up my memories of seeing them play in New York at the Sydney Opera House!

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