What better way to start the New Year than with a sneak peek at our friends Kirsten and Gary Van Bredas visionary home here in Gullane.

A bespoke, futuristic, dream scheme in mouldable corian

Kirsten and her husband Gary have got to be Gullanes leading exponents of modernism…Choosing, spookily, and in a very ‘full circle’ kind of way, to live in a house, designed, originally, by Doug’s Dad, John, then later owned and altered by local architect, Julian Frostwick, architecturejf@btconnect.com

The Van Bredas have completed the transformation of this classic 1960’s villa into a 21st century dreamhome. Inspired by sites such as www.dornob.com they have really maximised the house’s potential.

John designed the original scheme of 12 houses for a fee of £50, in 1960, which, rather romantically, he spent on taking Doug’s mum on their honeymoon!





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