The Original Chair Lady

This lovely Victorian terraced house in Perth is home to Kate Mackenzie the owner of The Original Chair Company.


Everywhere you look there is a beautifully upholstered chair…..

Oh – there’s another one –

And another….. can just see the back of it!

And another!

This time covered in a beautiful striped velvet.

The living room has a stunning footstool…another leg to Kate’s flourishing business. Adorning it is a tray laid with cups and saucers and some very appetising….errmm…actually I think that is some shop bought chocolate brownies…Apparently Kate has a very naughty dog – a black lab – who loves eating – he is living in the right house, because Kate’s husband, Stephen is a trained chef, who, especially for the shoot baked a beautiful tray of scones…the moment their backs were turned, the dog scoffed the lot…unfazed, Stephen just as quickly whipped up another batch….he is a professional after all! Apparently Doggie scoffed them as well!

I think at that point, hubby just gave up and nipped out for some chocolate biscuits..!

The McKenzies

Kate and her daughter Poppie


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