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Facebook followers will know that I am featured in the magazine this week, EPSC the Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre.

They very kindly describe me as an ‘Interiors Expert’ which was a wonderful boost I have to say.

They ask why I blog and I explained that ‘it serves as a useful portfolio for Douglas, that can be constantly updated’. He did snigger slightly when I added ‘in today’s evermore ‘cut-throat’ working environment’ – not that I am melodramatic or anything – you know – death to all rivals! And, that ‘I find it a very satisfying way of preserving, both, work and family memories’ (a slightly more fragrant reason for blogging!)

They asked my advice for readers wanting to improve their homes interior: I am a great believer in not being a ‘Jack of all styles’, so I said ‘decide on a style and stick to it – commitment is everything!’

I also advised not to be a slave to your homes architecture…antiques and vintage pieces can add exciting accents to a modern home and, equally, a period property can be minimilist – it is your house – make it what you want it to be.

They actually created an Audio Podcast about me.

Errr…if anyone actually bothers to listen to this – send me an email, I will test you on it and anyone who gets all the answers right will get a free scented candle in the post!



4 thoughts on “ESPC feature

  1. Okay, I’ve listened to the podcast. Send me those questions, that scented candle will be mine!

    p.s. Did “Bass Rock” provide the backing music?

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I love you voice and listening to your little podcast. It’s sound is so soft and I have a weak spot for british accents. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. Email on it’s way Gary. And no, Bass Rock did not do the backing music!
    Thank you Jasmin – let me know if you want an email and the chance to win a small scented candle!

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