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I have a small, precious collection of favourite black and white photographs of close family… It is sitting in a box on a shelf of my office and has been for a year now!

What do I do with them??

As ‘Her Indoors’ really, I should be bursting with ideas, but unfortunately I am married to ‘Him Indoors’ and he likes pouring cold water on ideas, so until I come up with something really good, in the box, they will remain I am afraid…

OK, let’s look at Pinterest…follow the link and there really is an astonishing number of fantastic ideas….


framed pics

bottled pics threaded pics frame 'n pegs

But are any of them right for our house…? Yes, I think some of them are…


I actually really like this and yes, I think it would work in our home, but I have to say, it does look rather fragile and the photos could get damaged…they look as if they might fly away whenever you walked past and they will, definitely, fade…

I am starting to wonder if, in fact, they should remain in that box…or in an album even, completely safely, and Douglas should photograph each one of them and we should then get them printed onto canvas? I would order them in various sizes and arrange them somewhat like this

canvas wall

Is that not a brilliant arrangement?

I found this image on Crib Tales Photography by the lovely Amy, mama, wife, a coffee addict, a collector of all things vintage, a big fan of girls’ nights out…and gifted photographer.

I have always loved the idea of printing favourite photographs onto canvas… It always gets me thinking… My advice would be, don’t go for the usual ‘family standing there’ shot, but maybe just a hint of a face, either very small and neat or a whole face, huge would be fun… lovely grainy portraits printed in black and white or sharp Day-Glo colour…you could do anything!

It reminds me of charity auctions where famous artists are asked to do ‘something’ the size of a postcard…then each piece is auctioned to the public, often without their knowing who the artist is…that mixture of restriction and freedom to do ‘anything’ is so exciting!

At last a company has come up making this process easy and affordable…
At Hello Canvas…there are no hidden extras, all the special effects are free: you can make a portrait black and white and ask for the hat to be in colour for instance. You can add a frame, if you wish, for an extra charge – a beautiful, ‘floating’, wooden frame – very plain and simple and delivery is a flat rate of £4.95.

Step inside this gorgeous home in Melbourne a Living Etc House Tour…the owners are full of ideas for displaying photographs.

turquoise photo display

Pinterest is totally addictive by the way, do follow me, would love to see what you love…


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