The Ideal Home Show

Goodness what an incredibly fruitful day I had at the Ideal Home Show. Invited to a ‘Bloggers Meet Up’ in the Press Office first thing…


‘Pardon?’ I hear you ask…This turned out to be a delicious breakfast buffet, where we were able to sample lots of the gourmet food goodies being exhibited at the show.


Lizzie Ford from Mabel’s Log is getting stuck in…I don’t think I know where to start!

Gregg Wallace form Masterchef came over to say hello to food blogger, Gerry from Gerry’s Kitchen, which he describes as the Ramblings (or is that ‘rumblings’?) Of a Hungry Man…

We were also all presented with goodie bags stuffed with wonderful samples from the likes of Diary Dolls, Chocolati, The Occasional Cake Company


And we had an absolute blast, from left to right, Miss West End Girl, me, Mummy Central and Mo’Adore!

We were shown around the Sterling Furniture Stand by their in-house interior designer Sara Hyslop, who gave us a fascinating insight into the differing taste and style of Scotland’s cities…it would appear some of us cannot get enough Bling…

Sara Hyslop



My wonderful colleague Mairi weighing up the Neoprene curtains Sara had on display…


Miss West End Girl looking absolutely beautiful in the Sterling bedroom, that we all agreed was absolutely made for her!


My eye was caught by both the Wabi Sabi serenity of craftsman, Colin Parker


And the glittery girlie splendour of Glitter Tastic!

There is definitely something for everyone…still on today!


2 thoughts on “The Ideal Home Show

  1. Lovely to meet you and Mairi. It was a great event, wasn’t it? I ended up having a very entertaining chat with Carol Smillie about her knickers! Will be blogging about it very soon x

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