The White House

Thought I would show you a closer look of another beautiful contender from the enjoyable BBC TV series, Scotlands Home of the Year, that Douglas was also extremely privileged to photograph. This is a view of the house that the TV programme did not have time to dwell on. The judges were too busy admiring the stunning interior.The design takes you beyond the beauty of its location whilst responding to it so perfectly. Hinting at a lighthouse or a look out tower, the house is a a series of interconnecting cylindrical ‘drums’ with 360 degree views.The owner, Lesley Milne Smith, is an art lover and a retired Russian Literature academic. Designed by her and her late husband, Mike, in collaboration with Glasgow based architects, Page & Park. There are hints of their life and work throughout the house. Mike and Lesley also discovered that they and the architects shared a common enthusiasm for the round house built by the Russian architect Konstantin Melnikov in Moscow in 1929

Delighted  to be able to introduce a subtle homage to Melnikov into the final design: his house has over sixty hexagonal windows, to which the hexagonal opening above the stairs in the house, here refers.

The approach to the house is across a footbridge. The design is fun, exciting and adventurous. It was a worthy winner of the south west section, scoring a clear 30. ‘Mike wanted to create a building that would make an artistic statement on the approach road. The number of people who stop to take photographs suggests that this has been achieved’ Lesley is certain.

Step inside and you are immediately confronted by the staggering view of the sea. The house is a wonderful place, full of light and life and happy memories. The floor to ceiling curved windows stretch almost the full width of the house. The views of the rocky coast and water saturate the hallway and living room.⠀Lesley can sit contentedly for hours enjoying the view in all weathers beside the stunning log burner, behind which you can see a glimpse of pieces from her amazing collection of contemporary art. Five painted panels of slate by Winston Roeth, represented by the Ingleby Gallery in Edinburgh. ‘We saw Roeth’s slate panels when the house was still a design on paper, and thought they would sit well on a convex section of wall, which they do’ says Lesley.⠀The library was much admired by the judges, a place to read, write, escape and lose yourself.

The bedroom’s are all downstairs and simply decorated in pale colours and designed to be soothing sanctuaries at the end of the day.

Even the kitchen has a stunning art collection on display, adding a vivid pop of colour to the furthest reach of this gorgeous interior. I have to say Lesley painted her kitchen cabinetry in ‘Hague Blue in 2010 – extremely forward thinking if you ask me – I had never seen it before on the day but very on trend now!!

The house has been a wonderful retirement home and a stunning place for family and friends to gather. A worthy winner perhaps? I will certainly be watching with interest as the series unfolds.



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