Surviving Lockdown Part iii

The Reality

Well the reality is that sticking to my morning routine has been a bit of an effort. Conversely,  I have to say we have achieved almost 100% success with our weekly menu plan!

I am loving having my family with me and as long as this is temporary and we can go back to normal one day I am enjoying this. I am seriously grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with my grown up children, ages 19 and 22 and get to know and understand each other. Mealtimes together for months on end are a golden opportunity to practice listening to each other and to genuinely understand each others unique point of view, rather than not listen, interrupt each other and assume we know what each other mean with a sideways mutter whilst looking at our phones.

Wish me luck.

I feel a weird pressure to stick to my personal routine, but for some reason, I find getting up, meditating, exercising, showering, getting dressed, instagramming and getting started on my work incredibly gruelling!!


It is not exactly working down a coal mine is it?? I need to have a  walk every day and I want to paint a little bit and do some Pinterest…

Wild garlic pesto ingredients – I have added halloumi cheese and cashew nuts as an alternative to the classic pine nuts and parmesan

Why do I find all this so difficult? I daresay cooking and cleaning on top of these tasks is quite a lot – but none of this is anything new – it is not like I never had to cook or clean before lockdown.


I think the situation engenders a new consciousness – I cannot quite put my finger on it, I think it is the feeling that because we are on lockdown I have lots of free time, in conflict with the reality that actually I still have to do all the things that I normally do.

I just want to do something a little bit creative – over and above my normal routine every day. Bear with me – I will do this – I promise!

Painting of Gullane Beach in progress

I am seriously missing our photoshoots and for this reason I have set up a wee Facebook group to try and connect with people during Lockdown called Home Style Hub. The aim is to help you use your time, if you have any, to either finish your interior or to make plans for a renovation in the near future.  I will be setting wee, achievable challenges to help you feel a sense of progress.  Please join us if you can!


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