Modern Garden Rooms

You may or may not know, we are currently house hunting. I have a wish-list, apart from the obvious requirements of a kitchen, a living room, bedrooms and bathrooms, that I have been carefully reflecting on, ever since we sold our family home last summer – 1. It needs to be near the sea. We […]

Surviving Lockdown – Part (i)

My Personal Routine The focus of this blog is normally to celebrate interior design and travel. However, I would not feel human if I did not comment on the current, incredibly challenging situation. I am no expert and I realise that everyone’s situation is completely different, but if I say one thing that resonates with […]

Dragons Den

Well, I have had a few requests to tell my story in detail. I am sure you know that I have recently launched a unique, completely new product called  the Interior Design Toolkit. It is the world’s first interior design card game and it helps people discover their personal interior style and thereby enable them […]

Goodbye Garage

Bye bye….rather horrible old garage in the middle of our back garden that we have been wondering what to do with for 8 years – yes, 8 years – we are very indecisive. We have, in the meantime, built another garage at the front of our house and our dilemma has been – Do we […]

Seaside home

A unique design, involving tremendous attention to detail Acknowledging and incorporating the Scottish, east coast setting perfectly The hall has the feel of an upmarket cruise liner You would never have to go away if you lived here! A state of the art kitchen A cosy spot to watch TV when you are not mesmerised […]

Liebster Blog Award

Thrilled to have been nominated by three fellow bloggers for the Liebster Blog award! Jasmin from The Cosy White Cottage, Heather from My Ocean Bliss and Trinske from Nordic Rose all nominated me, thank you! As a nominee, you are asked to post 11 random facts about yourself, so, here goes: 11 things you might […]

Tyrella Nash

Autumn is definitely upon us and to get you in the right mood I thought I would show you a beautiful Perthshire home, such a pretty place at this time of year. The owner, Tyrella does a very successful supper club in her home – everyone raves about them You can just imagine the delicious […]

Where were you?

September 11th went by again this week. A horrible surreal day for everyone, the day is etched on my mind. We were shooting this beautiful Eco House, deep in the Scottish Borders. I was not quite so business card friendly in those days – I certainly was not blogging or anything, I don’t think I […]

Kirkudbright and Beautiful

Sorry…couldn’t resist that! Anyway, obviously, after our lovely shoot, dinner and night at the Craigadam Hotel, we did a bit of sightseeing. We were blown away by Kirkudbright…so beautiful…the Artists Town… The centre of the town is a ridiculously picturesque harbour…but what got me and I really was bitten here, was the incredibly intensive ‘Kerb-gardening’ […]

A weekend away

A christmas shoot in Dumfriesshire, the only day the owner could manage was a Saturday, as she worked full time…Gosh we had better book a night away! I had met Cassie Bouverie already, as she lives in North Berwick and was fascinated by her business Private House Stays, where she and her husband have selected […]

Black is Black

My earlier post about the still life drawing at Tantallon Studios reminded me of this apartment in Edinburgh…every corner is a still life… A conversion of an old primary school, the owners, Mr & Mrs Black, have added a garden level extension with stone ‘vertebrae’ steps leading down: Their home is now beautifully connected to […]

Olympic hayfever?

We have become fascinated by the flowers – is everyone getting them? Is this a new thing? I had known that the well known florists Jane Packer have been selected to design and produce the “Victory Bouquets” for the medal winners at the  London 2012 Olympics. 4,800 floral bouquets are being presented to athletes along […]

School Holidays

Summer holidays are not easy when you run a business with your husband and you have 2 children. We have worked through them over the years with a mixture of employing a nanny two days a week, when Matthew and Eva were toddlers; taking a month off in the summer a couple of Julys (how […]