Kirkudbright and Beautiful

Sorry…couldn’t resist that! Anyway, obviously, after our lovely shoot, dinner and night at the Craigadam Hotel, we did a bit of sightseeing. We were blown away by Kirkudbright…so beautiful…the Artists Town… The centre of the town is a ridiculously picturesque harbour…but what got me and I really was bitten here, was the incredibly intensive ‘Kerb-gardening’ […]

A weekend away

A christmas shoot in Dumfriesshire, the only day the owner could manage was a Saturday, as she worked full time…Gosh we had better book a night away! I had met Cassie Bouverie already, as she lives in North Berwick and was fascinated by her business Private House Stays, where she and her husband have selected […]

Back to the drawing board

Esther Cohen is offering a weekend workshop, 15th/16th September, aimed specifically, but NOT strictly, at teennagers wanting, or needing, to brush up on their drawing skills. So if anyone, in the North Berwick area, has children studying for Standard Grade, GCSE or Higher Art, who could do with a boost to their skills, now is […]

Loch Ness

Well, he did it! Finding a thick and heavy mist when we arrived at 8:30am was a bit worrying… Oh dear! The low point being ‘realising that the rescue boat was called DELIVERANCE‘ However, things did improve…shafts of sunlight soon started poking through and the day cheered up no end. Hundreds of pink hats helped […]

Back to School

Oh no…summer’s over in Scotland…all in the blink of an eye…that’s what happens I guess when it rains non-stop, you spend quite a lot of time glued to the olympics, don’t go on holiday and work all the time – summer does just disappear rather… What happened to all those picnics and bike rides we […]

Olympic fundraising

Doug’s aforementioned long distance swim went off the boil a bit, Sue Ryder cancelled the Big Swim at Elie…Dreadful eh?…Instead Doug is doing the Monster Swim at Loch Ness…in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. The monies that people very kindly donated to Sue Ryder are automatically going to Marie Curie instead…I hope that is […]

School Holidays

Summer holidays are not easy when you run a business with your husband and you have 2 children. We have worked through them over the years with a mixture of employing a nanny two days a week, when Matthew and Eva were toddlers; taking a month off in the summer a couple of Julys (how […]

Skylark Cafe

Relatives – what would you do without them? How quiet would family get-togethers be without rellies? Particularly our relatives… Doug’s cousin Gill Bowman is a well known folk singer and songwriter. She has worked as a performer and recording artist for longer than she would probably want me to tell you! Her two sons Riley […]

Wedding anniversary

16 years ago this week! And no, haven’t been busy celebrating, have actually had a slight cold… I look a bit tense here….think I was not sure if Doug knew ‘whether’ to sign or ‘where’ to sign??!! Hooray! He signed!! Thank goodness – if he hadn’t there wouldn’t have been a Her Indoors!!

Helen Lyon

Have you ever dreamt of running away, hiding in the far north of the Highlands…..? That is exactly what Scott and Helen Lyon did…However, far from burying themselves away, never to be seen again, they got absolutely stuck in, building themselves a beautiful, beautiful house…overlooking the sea….involving themselves totally in the local community…They are both […]

Throwing parties

Have heard that Pippa Middleton is writing a book about Party Planning….hmmm…I am sure Her Indoors could do a much better job! Please enjoy and use my personal guide, below: Every year, in our house, we have a big bonfire party…so I have years of experience… The best way to plan a party is to […]

French Leave

Doug quite often gets the chance of some very jolly trips abroad…anywhere beautiful really. He takes full advantage of this but says that he does ‘really miss me and the children when he goes’??!! One trip to Normandy, to shoot a gorgeous Manoir and adjoining Gites, belonging to friends of ours Dee Dee and Pete, […]

Helen Mulloy Reid

Meeting amazing people is routine for us, to be honest, but they don’t often come as amazing as Helen Mulloy Reid, a florist originally, but recently re-trained as a beautician. She lives in Bath now, but this was her home in North Berwick. living room…with beautiful sea views…. Helen’s skills as a florist are in […]