I have always been a bit of a mug for herbs and well being. If someone tells me that almonds, or honey, or sage is good for you – I believe them.

Turmeric – don’t get me started on its many wonders. I like a bit of routine as well, in fact if I do not eat or have my usual drink, hot or cold at a certain time I go slightly crazy. It can be quite awkward if I am on a shoot. I spend a lot more time than most in other peoples homes for a whole day. We don’t just pop in, have a cuppa and go, no we are there all day and I have to be quite bold sometimes and say, ‘look I know it is 11am but I have to have something to eat’ and proceed to have a wee sandwich! If you are at your own desk or in your own home, you can quite obviously eat or drink whatever you want and it can be quite hard to relate to people why this can be slightly awkward in other people’s homes.

I like a tea when I wake up, then a coffee then another coffee at 11am then a tea after lunch. I have a sherry while I am cooking or a wine, but I am conscious of not drinking too much, so I do look for alternatives. I like alcohol free beer, I find it can really hit the spot and I was very interested to be sent a new soft drink, called Innerji as a gift.

Innerji is flavoured with an amazing longevity enhancing herb called Jiaogulan: an antioxidant. It is called the herb of immortality. It is caffeine free but known to be a natural stimulant. The manufacturers have added a hint of lime for extra zest. It has a distinct sharpness and is not too sweet so definitely something I could drink if I was driving or wanted to have a break from alcohol. I did not feel ‘different’ or wildly healthier I am afraid after I had tried it, but I would definitely add it to my soft drink cellar for a refreshing twist.

In fact, I think it would go very well with a gin!

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