My WTIO Bucket List

Wow – just read an awe inspiring blog post by an interiors writer and abundance coach, Victoria, editor of the Manifestation Collective. The post is entitled ‘Writing My When This is Over (WTIO) Bucket List. She explained that we all need one – a bucket list to look forward to, just like the build up to Christmas, the shopping, planning and invitations is almost as fun as Christmas Day itself, we can lift our spirits by planning for when Lockdown is lifted. It is a truly joyful read and I felt compelled to reply.

Here we all are – complete with slipper, coffee and cat

I am honestly quite enjoying hiding away for a while, admittedly with my lovely, grown up family who are all very un-annoying (yes I have trained them well, plus I am quite good at turning a blind eye when things do go awry) but I am aware that I will have to face the world again and there might be some new social norms when we return…

Jetting off to a Greek Island with my husband is probably my No1 wish right now, which probably sounds a bit self indulgent, but I will be taking a reusable water bottle and coffee cup (foldable) onto the plane – yep, my love and concern for our planet has gone from huge to ‘actually never going to buy another plastic bottle of water again when I am in an airport’ – go me!

Ladies at lunch – or was it dinner?

Coffee and lunch with friends This has always been a high priority in my life. In the new normal that I am foreseeing – with more people working from home (#WFH) this will become more important to more and more people – you have to have human contact. I know this from many years experience.

Restaurants A rare treat for me sadly, I am a keen cook and my husband does not really like them, so I am not out at one every night, but I do still manage to squeeze quite a loat of visits in, I assure you. They will seem even more precious in future.

Cooking for family Again nothing new to me, but will make a lot more of a fuss going forward, with beautiful table settings; much more experimental dishes, sharing platters – we’re family after all!!

Work events I will never dread a trade fair again. I never did really but in future I will be so grateful for the incredibly creative people willing to set up and display their products for the tiltilation of potential customers and us humble journalists.

Pedicure and hairdresser visits will enjoy both, but equally important to me are the things I hope I will continue to enjoy WTIO – writing, painting, making sourdough, considering cooking and shopping more carefully, feeling less stressed and pressurised.

I am going to celebrate of course – the renewed opportunities and freedom, but mine will be a relatively quiet celebration I think, grateful that my friends and family are all well and I will aim to continue to look after our health and wellbeing with a large dose of gratitude.


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