We were invited to sample a new Japanese restaurant in Edinburgh, Umi, in Stockbridge. I honestly could not have been more excited – I lead a very quiet life and a night out in Stockbridge just felt so glamorous!The restaurant had a classic Japanese interior, complete with cosy nooks where you sat down below the floor…Gorgeous mood lighting set the scene…We were quite overwhelmed by the menu choices, I have never been to Japan, or a Japanese restaurant, so I was keen to try everything. We asked for some advice: the staff were so helpful and had so many suggestions, we could just get stuck in!I think we were quite clever and ordered about 8 starters between the three of us, giving us a chance to try loads of dishes, including Miso soup, a seaweed salad, raw tuna –Sushi –and Tempura –We absolutely loved it!Again, very sensibly, I think, we just ordered one main course between us… I have been to restaurants and found the main course just too much for one person – I was here to explore the amazing taste sensations, not to eat so much I cannot move. We all wanted to try the pork belly and after our 8 starters, the portion between three of us was absolutely perfect.Finally pudding – exquisite sesame and rice ice creams. These are delicate, subtle flavours, almost  more ‘textures’ than flavours, accompanied by some kind of crispy chocolate granules, they look like used coffee grains from a cafetière and taste like fragrant brown sugar. Again we cleverly shared a couple between us, I  think we could have done with one more pudding if I am honest – never mind – we will be back.


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