A bit busy

Prompted by Laura Ashley, very kindly sending me this beautiful throw…here I am grabbing a little bit of ‘me time’…they have sent a throw to 15 bloggers and they are looking for 15 different uses for their lovely throws…I am using mine to wrap myself up to enjoy a hot chocolate…the Christmas tree is done…

throw looking away

I can remember trying to arrange a Christmas shoot with a family and apologising wildly, saying: ‘I know it is awkward – such a busy time of year’ and they replied ‘not for us it isn’t – we do nothing between Xmas and New Year…that is what it is all about for us’

Absolutely right aren’t they? However, I think it is the run up that is so mad…school concerts, shopping, work drinks, family visits…so hard to fit in a bit of ‘doing nothing’

However, we do have choices, we can focus more on family and friends than ‘getting the house ready’…Is anyone else guilty of feeling the house ‘has to be ready’ to invite folk round??

What is that all about?? What kind of friends or relatives would not want to come round unless the house was ‘ready’??

Well, we are ready! You can come and see us!



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