An award winning kitchen

Have I ever revealed my love affair with taupe? It is my guilty pleasure. Creamy taupe is not dramatic, it is not even particularly fun. It is just very, very soothing…

Which is why when Douglas was asked to photograph this beautiful kitchen for top design studio¬†Kitchens International I felt so comfortable styling the space. It did not need much: just some eucalyptus, a ciabatta… it went on to win a Leicht Global Design Award – no surprise!

Every detail was so beautifully considered: smokey mirror at the back of cupboards… marble flooring…

A little bit of sparkle…

An American style fridge was a must have on this family’s list.

Soft swirls in the pale worktop make a gorgeous setting for the ‘let’s get cooking’ gas hob.

Gold shimmer handles are a glamourous accent

And a rough hewn stone wall a tactile backdrop.

Could not have been happier to help out [read ‘tone in’] in my taupe jumper, with a little bit of sparkle, which I wore completely by coincidence!


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