Are you a competitive Interiorista?


Genuinely passionate about my subject – I am basically just a real home lover. A Cancerian by Sun sign – what else would I be? Holidays stress me out! Nights out? I prefer entertaining…

But competitive? Moi?

Of course I enjoy having friends round and showing them our latest project, but surely that is not ‘showing off’? How could it be when most of my friends, I am convinced, are either much richer than me and have much more sumptuous homes or simply have completely different taste to me and like to laugh at Doug & I’s latest ideas…

Industrial chic bedroom

Our ‘Industrial Chic’ Bedroom will run and run I assure you!

‘Found’, ‘made’ and ‘salvaged’ objects take pride of place in our home…

Surely you can’t be competitive about who has ‘found’ or ‘made’ the most, the biggest, the cleverest pile of whatever…?

Being competitive is about who has spent the most money, bought the most expensive…isn’t it?

But deep down I am not so sure…I think we can, actually, get very competitive about SAVING money, recycling…who has NOT been on a holiday abroad or bought a 4WD?

Yes I do own a 10 year old Fiat Multipla, but I assure you, MY garage bills beat any brand new, shiny Range Rover owners HANDS DOWN!!

Fiat Multipla

Not owning a TV, a computer, a mobile phone… is probably the ultimate brag in this sort of scenario…errr ahem!

Gosh, this kind of competition is quite hard isn’t it?? What would you do?? I guess you could read? Chat? (What to your partner?? Get a grip!)

On a reflective note, I wonder whether I ‘dull down’ a bit with friends and relatives that I know are, for whatever reason, simply not interested in interiors? I am sure I do, but actually, it is quite hard for me to think of anyone with whom I consciously have to do that, I can see that similars attract and most of our friends share our interests.

Quite a thought: Doug and I are keen home makers and we just don’t really get together very often with ‘nomadic types’… obviously, they are busy ‘being nomadic’, rather than popping round for supper with us!

I enjoyed the recent Eon survey: Life’s Little Comparisons – on their energy saving page. A little insight into just how competitive we really are.


Are a) A Crazed Competitor b) A Reasonable Rival c) A Casual Comparer d) A Relaxed Observer…?


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