At last – Christmas is here!

It feels as if it has been a long time coming, but it has really started. It has been a big year for us: our son’s 21st and our daughter’s 18th – not sure if that is good or bad planning but obviously we would not change a thing. We don’t start Christmas now in our house until after our daughter’s birthday on the 4th December. We went out for a meal on that night – just the four of us – magical, I thought – except that Eva announced the day before that we were to be given the 6-7.30pm slot, after which she was off in to town with her friends. To say I had mixed feelings about this, is an understatement, but fortunately our gorgeous friends and neighbours joined us to help us celebrate – you know who you are!

We had a full celebration the following Sunday though and we did decorate! Hope you can spot Doug’s inventive ‘vintage skis with fairy lights’ addition??! We have used an artificial tree from Christmas Tree World this year. The fact is that our children are now BOTH adults – memories of bonfire parties followed by making the Christmas cake, well in advance of our family tradition of buying and decorating the tree are exactly that, memories…

Incredibly happy ones of course, but firmly in the past. Christmas is now a much more functional time of year – our daughter works full time in a restaurant: she is so busy. Our son has left home to study. We all see Christmas as a deadline for getting work projects out of the way, shopping done, so we can simply put our feet up and enjoy indulging in some delicious food and drink for a couple of days.

Presents are wrapped and under the tree, but are actually mostly wee token items. Real presents tend to be more of the BACS variety, to help with planned holidays (a ski trip for our daughter) and essential study needs (6 months in Copenhagen for our son.)

That is why our effortlessly beautiful snow laden tree has been such a godsend. It looks so cool (literally!) We have had so many compliments: it has a beautiful grown up feel, but littler members of our family, visiting cousins with lively little boys and babies love it too! I love their festive blossom trees as well, we have one in our living room.

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