It is definitely here – you can tell by my front door – the Virginia Creeper is bright, bright red.

Front door

I slightly feel as if a lot of my posts have been a bit about me recently – definitely not by choice I assure you – my true obsession remains with houses – honestly! And it is brilliantly summed up by this amazing song that my son alerted me to ‘Depreston’ by a wonderful, Australian singer songwriter, Courtney Barnett. Do listen if you can, I am not sure if my posts can link to You Tube, so you might have to search it… the words made me laugh…

If you’ve got a
Spare half a million
You could knock it down
And start rebuilding…

There are not that many songs about ‘doing up a house’, but this one says it all!

You can find out more about me if you want by reading this interview on Posh Flooring’s website…


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