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I am delighted to enjoy a long time association with UK Bathrooms, they have placed an icon in my ad column for many years and they are my go-to resource when writing about bathrooms for magazines, which is very much my bread and butter work.They recently asked me to comment on the AXOR brand of bathroom products that they stock. Well, Axor is definitely on my ‘next house’ list of must haves.I often talk about my next house, even though I have absolutely no plans to move. I am very contented and our Gullane home with it’s magical walk across the sand dunes to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is going to be a hard act to follow.My ‘next house’ chat is more about a desire to start again, magically solve all our problems by moving – surely if we bought a gleaming new house in a distant place we would not have any?

Propert for sale through Eddy Estates, Cornwall

But hang on a minute, we would not have any friends either, or family nearby or work contacts that we have built up over the last 30 years…. Err yes, it certainly would be an adventure, but I am not sure if we would not have any problems!

I do sometimes think about moving back to London, where I was bought up, but budget and a 15 year habit of beach side living means that if we did it would likely be to the south coast actually, Hastings or Brighton maybe… Doug remembers family holidays in Cornwall when he was a child, when he did not have a care in the world and wants to go back there!

Property for sale through Eddy Estates, Cornwall

AXOR is the premium brassware brand from global manufacturing powerhouse Hansgrohe. Part of the top end offering AXOR sits above the standard hansgrohe offering as the next leap in style, engineering and design.

AXOR’s goal is simply perfection. Be that design perfection, engineering perfection or technical perfection. In terms of the products they produce, they are the most innovative and resilient available on the market today.

Their motto is ” Form Follows Perfection” which is a very German way of saying they have started with the goal of perfection. To do this they have started the entire process with the creative brilliance of world famous designers like Philippe Stark, Antonio Citterio, Patricia Urquiola, Jean-Marie Massaud, Barber & Osgerbym Phoenix Design, Front & Nendo. Using their design partners they look to reinvent the concept of bathrooms and how they should look and work.

There is an inherent simplicity to Axor products, this is because their design team consistently return to the element that the range is based on and that is water. I am a Cancerian, a water sign and I live by the sea, so the products speak to me utterly directly.

When Philippe Starck was asked how the idea for his AXOR Starck collection arose, he replied –

The idea was very simple because, with me, everything is simple. It’s just water, the beauty of water. And it was a great honor for me to speak about water because I love water. I live on water. I’m always close to water. And there is a beauty in water. The more you put things—materiality—around water, the less it’s beautiful. The idea was to make a design that was deeply, structurally respectful of water. And strangely, I had the idea of a farm. It’s very simple on an old farm, the relation with water. You have the water from a source. There is a pipe. You have a bucket. You have a pump and the water goes in the bucket. The first thing to bring water in history was the pump, and everything was to make the design as simple as this.


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