Caroline Key

Along with gardening, dontcha think ‘upcycling’ is just so ‘now’??
It’s what we are all doing…or would like to be doing if we had hours of spare time and could be bothered….

My upcycling efforts are a bit like my gardening…sort of going on more in my head, than actually, magically transforming lots of quirky bits of furniture into really edgy, on-trend, must have items, that my friends ooh and aah over, in my garage of an evening….

Loyal followers of this blog probably realise that I am much more likely to be found with my feet up in front of a really gripping thriller, of an evening, admiring the furniture, of course, and mentally noting the wallpaper…rather than err, upcycling…sorry…

However, luckily, for all of us, there are people out there who can be bothered and they really are making the world a better place…they are practically saving the planet, if you think about it??

Caroline Key runs the extremely on-trend upcycled furniture business Trash The above images are all from her furniture gallery and available for sale through her website. And below, shot by Doug, is her beautiful Edinburgh home.


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  1. Hi! I have a filing cabinet like this I was just going to paint…how did you get it shiny like this?? Would look much cooler in my room like yours! X

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