Colour in!

Someone who would chime in very well with everything we learnt at the colour workshop is serial renovator and lover of emulsions of every hue, Kirsten Simonsen Howells. When she bought her Edinburgh home it was a sea of tired magnolia…






Kirsten describes herself as extremely colour-orientated. A subscriber to the Pantone and Colourhues websites, playing around for hours, enjoying them just for their own sake. She has gone on to make bold choices for her home, admitting that if she were to choose ‘safe’ colours she would not be being true to herself.’


Colour moves through the house dynamically because, Kirsten has responded to the light in every room, individually. ‘The blue in the bathroom is the same as the blue in the kitchen for instance, but you don’t realise, because the light is completely different’ Kirsten explains, ‘I painted it yellow at first, but it was totally wrong, the blue is much better.’


All the colours are bespoke emulsion paints by Dulux. Kirsten almost always uses Dulux mixing service. ‘I find the more traditional paint companies colours far too subtle I am afraid!’

A strong believer in the importance of natural cosmetics, Kirsten works as a consultant for the botanically based and paraben free cosmetics company, Arbonne.

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  1. Just caught up with this posting and how refreshing it is to see someone who loves to express themselves through colour! It looks like a very warm, fun and welcoming home. To treat every room individually is great. In a house that is more closed plan, this can be relatively easy, as the decor stops and starts naturally. However, in an open plan and smaller apartments, being aware of how the colours interact with each other as they flow from one space to another is important. You can use many colours but it is best to keep within the same colour family. Light plays a huge part in how a colour responds and I agree, Dulux is a great paint product, which provides plenty of colour variety. Thanks Alison for your posting and Kirsten for sharing your home with us.

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