Cooking in colour

Magazine editors often request “a kitchen with a bit of colour”. The reason being that a kitchen is an investment and most of us like to play safe: a white kitchen won’t date, you are unlikely to tire of it – you can always change the decor if you do, of course, and as a result, most people’s kitchens are white. However, if you are feeling brave, choosing colourful cabinetry can reap wonderful rewards.


This beauty is by Harvey Jones. Using colour will bring your kitchen to life. Healthy diet advice includes eating colourful foods: beetroot, carrots, peppers and greens – they just sound healthy don’t they? Find ideas at my lovely friend Mel’s Spice Pots. You might like her range of beautiful enamel ware? Enliven your kitchen as well as your plate. Although white is safe, the results can be sterile and quickly look quite dowdy, white surfaces are not forgiving.

Harvey Jones Kitchen

Hanging paintings in your kitchen can feel brave, but why not? So often the heart of the home, we gravitate towards a well designed kitchen, and are often surprised at how much time we spend there. This kitchen belongs to a chef actually, owner of the gorgeous artisan coffee spots across Edinburgh known as The Counter

Kitchen diner, open to living room

Harvey Jones can help you put your dream kitchen together, their showrooms will inspire you with their variety of colours and styles.


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