Sweet Dreams and Breaking Bad?

Is a TV in the bedroom a good idea?

Not for everyone I know…a bedroom should be a sanctuary a place of total peace, somewhere to read and sleep…

However there is something very snug about getting into bed and watching tele…both on your own – a guilty pleasure that your other half would pay not to watch: America’s Next Top Model for instance? Or with someone – either someone new with whom, hopefully the TV will have been abandoned after a couple of minutes or… surely you should be able to sit through a film after a couple of years?

Barcelona TV bed

Look at that…the Barcelona in Dark tan from Dreams Beds…how luxurious is that…? Add in some bedding from Ginger Lily and I am all yours!

Barcelona detail

The TV lowers back into the foot board at the flick of a switch of course…you would not even have to tell your friends that you had one: you could just smugly say: ‘Oh no…TV in the bedroom…terrible…I would never have that, I am far too spiritual/sophisticated…’


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