Eva’s room

We have just done a makeover of a bedroom in our house for our daughter – part of a major shift around resulting from building our garden building…more about that in future posts – it is very nearly ready!


Lovely offer from Argos, when they realised that we were doing this, of some furniture. It is always good to have a fresh look at the Argos catalogue – they are constantly updating and re-inventing themselves – very good to know that they now stock Habitat as well!

Abigail bed

We chose this very pretty ‘Abigail’ bed and ivory full length mirror.

Ivory full length mirror

The curtains conceal a wall of wardrobe storage…


Eva has a sewing table now…it is just a length of oak kitchen worktop resting on a cupboard and a chest of drawers…

three way mirror

Elsewhere in the room we created a dressing table with this lovely three way mirror from Argos.

'London, Paris, New York' wallpaper

‘London, Paris, New York’ wallpaper from B&Q, other bits and pieces, Ikea



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