Guests arriving?

It is one of my dreams to have a stand alone guest room, but I honestly don’t think it is ever going to happen. This is my friend Jeanetta’s, in her incredibly welcoming home in the Highlands.

When you run a business with your husband, every corner of your house is spoken for I assure you. I realise I am very lucky to have brought up my family in a lovely spacious home though, of course. Both Doug and I have an office and guests can sleep in either. Mine is upstairs, Doug’s office is out in the garden –

Very welcoming, for sure, but more the sort of place our children’s friends crash out in, than a truly luxurious guest bedroom. I have a sofa bed in mine that I can unfold. Obviously I have my desk in there as well, with about an acre of magazines, so it is not quite the lavish sanctuary I have always dreamt of, but it does. I have realised over the years that the best way to make it really welcoming is to invest in some really lovely bedding and towels. I am on a budget, if I am honest, but I was delighted to discover Julian Charles a company who specialise in affordable luxury bedding.

I honestly think these faux fur throws and cushions are irresistible! Called the Dakota Stone luxury fur throw, with matching cushions.

I would use these to offer a luxe look for guests, like this. I have to admit though, I would need to tidy up a bit to achieve this effect.

For a really show-stopping guest room, you could choose something from their Kylie Minogue range. The ‘Eliza’, has delicate rows of shimmering pewter sequin tassels running across it. Reflecting the showgirls signature style, the sparkling tassels sitting on soft pewter satin will bring a touch of Kylie glamour to your bedroom. For even more sparkle, add the Eliza cushion and a selection of jewelled accessories. I have to admit this approach to comfort is not really me. It is sort of ‘champagne and sequins’ isn’t it? I do love champagne yes, but it is not something I want to snuggle down with if I am honest.

I prefer the more ‘hot chocolate look’ you would achieve from the seasonal duvet sets they offer, like the one above. My guests would love these. I love having people to stay and I want them to feel snug and I do want them to come back – honestly! Lovely sheets and throws are a good way to ensure they do.

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