Hall – before and after

The hall has got to be one of the most frustrating parts of the house – it is the first thing everyone sees, so really important, but, if you have any sense, it has to be the last place you decorate – decorate the hall first and it is instantly trashed when you start on the rest of the house!

img_4864 img_4863 img_4865

We are getting there with our hall – we have managed to get rid of the woodchip and have just about lost that bare, unloved feel it inevitably has while you slowly, but surely work on the rest of the house…



We just need to commit to an artwork for our stairwell and frame some favourite family photographs that I have put aside.


However, upstairs, we were slightly stuck with these fluffy blue rugs…Doug picked them up in a sale somewhere and they served a purpose, the landing was cosier with them…take them away and we were back to the bare unloved look…Then, suddenly, out of the blue (sorry…) we were rescued, The Rug Retailer got in touch and asked us if we would like a rug in exchange for a review? Yes please!!


I instantly fell in love with their Joseph runners and had to have the Spice…What a transformation! The warm colours are so inviting, but sophisticated as well as cosy…


Absolutely love it…thank you!


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